Thursday, 2 July 2015

Another Visit to the Lavender Farm

I called into the Lavender Farm again yesterday.  We've had such a lot of sun that I thought the lavender would be flowering and I was right.  But first, lunch in the farm café - goat's cheese and lavender quiche.

Then a wander round the area nearest to the café, but I couldn't resist peeping over the wall into the big field.

A quick look at some more roses and the various varieties of lavender, but there were too many people and too many bees for my liking, so I didn't stay in this area for long.

So I headed of to the big lavender fields.  They've started harvesting in the smaller of the two fields but luckily, haven't started in the bigger field yet.

I'm going back for another visit in a couple of weeks with Joy, so it'll be interesting to see whether it's all been harvested by then.  Even better, I may be able to get a photo of them actually harvesting it!


  1. looks fabulous - wish I could smell it too

  2. That lavender quiche sounded interesting! Such pretty flowers, so colorful and bright!


  3. Ooooh! how absolutely wonderful. Where is this field Eileen? I have been to the field at Axbridge although not this year. I have also had that delicious quiche!

    1. Here's a link to their website.

      It's in Faulkland, close to Radstock in Somerset.

  4. Masses of lavender is a beautiful sight. xx

  5. Hi Eileen, A good lunch, but the field of lavender pretty much! Amazing! Magnificent photos of flowers and walls too! Thank you for your suggestion for disappearance of the photos. I will wait for some time.

  6. Spectacular! We visited a similar field in the Cotswolds several years ago

  7. Just glorious! The lunch looks really good and I love the sound of the quiche. I have a couple of recipes that use lavender, I must look them out while the flowers are around.