Saturday, 18 July 2015

Beggars Knoll Chinese Garden

Today the Beggars Knoll Chinese Garden in Westbury was open to the public in support of the NGS gardens open for charity. I had no idea it existed, let alone the fact that there was a one acre Chinese style garden in Westbury, so when some friends organised an afternoon trip to look around I tagged along.
It was brilliant! Unfortunately, there were too many other visitors to take clear views of the gardens but here are some photos of the details I enjoyed. I hope you like them too.


  1. Stunning photos Eileen. It's always good to make a local discovery.

  2. New camera? Love the dahlia among the paving!

    1. Yes, I used my new camera today.

  3. Very nice place to have visited!


  4. Lovely photos. I particularly like the pink flower. Most unusual.

  5. Lovely photo's Eileen. This looks like a lovely place to visit. I do like Chinese statuary.

  6. Brilliant pictures! I particularly like the "Dahlia on the rocks".
    I see from the map that this garden is very close to the Westbury White Horse we pass every year on our way south to Dorset on the A350...
    All the best :)

  7. Looks like you have mastered your new camera - oh what fun ahead for you. Thanks for taking us along on your garden visit and yes I did enjoy all the photos. Bee close up is fantastic. I like the apple photo and if I knew how to use Photo Shop better, I think it would make a great photo backdrop to a quote.

  8. It looks like a beautiful garden! Glad you enjoyed your visit! xx

  9. I came specially to see the bee. You are right. It's beautiful. (I enlarged it too.) Sometimes it isn't what we look for but what we find that gives us joy.