Monday, 13 July 2015

Me on Monday

Me on Monday ... taking things easy and enjoying the change of pace as life slows down for the summer break and there's no need to rush to get everything done. 
On Friday night I went on the Bizarre Bath Comedy Walk.  People I know who've been on it have sung its praises, describing it as 'hysterically funny' and 'a laugh from beginning to end', but sadly, I was completely underwhelmed by it all.  It's basically one man leading a group of people around various parts of the city, performing set pieces/comedy/magic tricks as he goes along.  I don't know if it was a particularly unresponsive group but I'd imagine that the success of the night depends a lot on his banter with them, and on Friday night it never really got going; he laboured every (not very funny) joke and kept explaining the joke to anyone who wasn't laughing, which ruined it for me.  I went with four other people (from Meet Ups) and they didn't think much of it either, so whether it was just that this particular man wasn't funny or what, I don't know, but I'm just chalking it up to experience.  One good thing came out of the experience though; I've made a new friend who lives the other side of town and who is interested in photography.  We're going to meet later today so that I can help her with her new camera which I'm really looking forward to.
Saturday morning was the usual band practice, only this week I was leading it on my own.  I'd planned to quickly check the children's music folders and was then going to work on a new-for-them piece of music.  But, best laid plans and all that ... I couldn't get everyone to concentrate and work quickly, so we only had time in the end to play through the first section of the new music.  It was hard work! 
As a consequence, the rest of Saturday and all of Sunday was devoted to some me time, just relaxing and recharging the batteries - walks, bubble baths, TV, reading, eating, pottering in the garden and some photography.  So, Me on Monday is relaxed and ready to face the week ahead!

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  1. what a shame about the comedy walk - have a great week

  2. A new photography friend? Totally worth the comedy that wasn't too funny. My daughter and I call it "me" time too, and it's essential to a happy state of mind!

  3. That comedy walk seems like an interesting concept; sorry this one was a bit of a disappointment, except for the meeting of a new friend, that was a nice added touch! Enjoy your leisurely days!


    1. Yes it is an interesting concept and I might try it again on a different night. So many people have said that it is hilarious I think it may be worth another look with friends who I know share my sense of humour.

  4. New friends are always a bonus. Forced jokes and those needing explaining, well just not funny. Your well earned me time sounds perfect.

  5. a perfect weekend i'd say Eileen x

  6. How nice to make a new friend! Made up for the poor evening I would think. Sounds like a fun weekend :)

  7. What a shame about the not so funny comedy walk - but you did find a like camera minded person - so it wasn't all bad! You asked about the star/snow effect on my blog - I've posted about it below a couple of knitting photos - I did try and email you directly but for some reason I could not get the email to work!

  8. Oh god, the comedy walk sounds aweful! Nothing worse than a comedian explaining a joke - it literally makes me cringe!! Sounds like your weekend was lovely though - having a bit of relaxing me time is so important! Hope the rest of the week goes as well as it has started!

  9. The comedy walk sounds an interesting idea, shame it wasn't what you expected. But a new friend, so it was worth going. It's good to meet people with a shared interest. Good for you, enjoying some 'me' time. It sounds like you needed it after the band practice. Enjoy the rest of your week, Eileen.