Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Day 47: Mornings

My morning routine is gradually evolving and the start of the day is becoming calmer and less stressful. That may sound a bit fanciful but it's an important self-realisation and a step forward in overcoming the depression.

I now very rarely set an alarm and I allow myself to wake up when ready. Overcoming the mind set that I had to get up early and start the day has been the hardest part. The truth is that, except for Saturdays when I need to get to band on time, I don't need to up early so instead of the previous 6:30 am alarm, I now wake sometime between 7:30 am and 8:30 am.

My first thing is to complete 30 minutes of exercise, which I've settled on doing around my home. I don't bother to get dressed, I just get on and do it.  It sounds like an horrendous start to the day but it works for me. This means that before my day has started properly I have over a third of my daily steps target completed and I sort of feel ahead of the game. Removing the need to leave the house has also removed the anxiety I was experiencing, a feeling which stayed with me for most of the day.

When I've finished, I shower and get dressed and then have breakfast. Breakfast is also an opportunity to read for 30 minutes or so, a time to sit, eat and relax. I'm trying to be strict with myself and eat all meals at the table, but quite often I curl up on the sofa for breakfast! Then, fed and watered, I feel ready to face the day!

Today's photos shows the thank you gift from the girls after Friday's excursion to buy new laptops. The other two have theirs now as well.


  1. It sounds like a perfect start to your day. I've realised the need to rest properly as I am a poor sleeper and this works for me managing my anxiety levels.

  2. A calm start to the day is, I think, such a great & positive way for anyone to start their day. First thing rushing leaves you unsettled for the entire day. Oh I like an early morning snuggle on the sofa with a mug of tea, a book & two purring cats. Your glads are so beautiful.

  3. Don't think it sounds fanciful at all. Stands to reason that starting the day right and getting into a good frame of mind is the foundation for everything that follows, as is good rest. Glad you are establishing routines that work for you. A lot of this resonates with me. I only notice what hard work some aspects of my life are when I have been away from it for a time. I really notice how I have to psych myself up to get back into things.