Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Day 69: I Was Wrong ...

... the recent storms didn't finish off the cosmos.

The plants may be looking a bit sorry for themselves but there are still plenty of flowers and lots of buds. It's mostly the white ones but there are a few pink ones to see.  

The new instruments arrived yesterday as promised and I had a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon having a play testing them. Today has been all about housework. So far all the carpets have been done, dusting is finished and the downstairs cloakroom is sparkling again. I'm having my hair cut this afternoon (at home) and afterwards I'll wash the kitchen/dining room floor and finish the family bathroom. Then tomorrow it'll just be the ensuite and then wipe down all the paintwork throughout the house. I am definitely going to get a cleaner. I phoned round for quotes yesterday and now have to decide which company I want to use. I'm fairly sure it's going to be the one which offers to do the ironing as well!

It seems that all my windows need to be replaced. Every rep has given me the same advice and I've spoken to family and neighbours about it as well, so now it's a case of sorting out the best price. The work will start in January. 


  1. It's such lovely news about your new instruments. Mr GBT has recently upgraded his mandolin and it brings him an enormous amount of pleasure.

  2. This is good news about being wrong about the finish of your cosmos - such a nice treat to find more blooms.