Thursday, 12 October 2017

Day 56: Computer Issues

I'm having problems with my laptop again so if I disappear for a few days, that'll be the reason. It starts to power up properly but then the screen stops working and although I can hear the process continuing, I can't see anything. If it doesn't correct itself (probably wishful thinking on my part), I'll have to get it repaired (hopefully) or buy a replacement (most likely!).

I don't have much to tell you today. I'll be teaching later this afternoon but until then I'm just amusing myself at home. My new Instant Pot arrived yesterday so I'm ploughing my way through the instruction manual before I attempt to blow up the kitchen cook with it. I used to use a pressure cooker many years ago, so should be okay with it! It is very big. I read the dimensions before I ordered, but as usual that information didn't translate into any spacial understanding, so I will have to move things around in the kitchen to find space to store it. 

Today's photo shows the buds of the potato vine.


  1. Oh how annoying. Commiserations. (But... selfishly, if you do end up getting a new laptop I will be first in the queue for tips on Windows 10, in particular appropriate software for resizing pics. Grrr. Technology!)
    Safe cooking!

  2. Technology is our friend - repeat that at least a million six & you may believe. Computers - a bane of our existence. I've had a lot of Instant Pot recipes show up in my email "what's cooking for today" email. I am anxious to hear your reviews after a few weeks. I have limited storage so I would want to be sure before purchasing ... good luck.