Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Day 62: First Day of the Holiday

It's the first day of the half term holiday. I'd hoped to go to The Range and IKEA with J, only ever a tentative arrangement if J could make the time, but she's had to cancel. Plan B was going for a drive and then a photo session but it's raining - that horrible fine, drizzly sort of rain that soaks through, so Plan B has also been postponed. Which means that I have a day at home.

I have plenty to do but I can't settle to anything. I seem to be wandering from room to room but failing to find anything to interest me. I think it is going to be one of those days!

Today's photo is the view from the back bedroom window. My back garden always feels very secure as my neighbour's garden wraps around mine - I love their little red acer tree. The grassy part beyond their wall is one of the many green areas that criss-cross the estate, all paved for easy walking - the path is closer to the wall and can't be seen in this photo. Just behind the trees is a reed bed which runs up through this part of the estate. It's in desperate need of some attention so I was pleased to read in the local newsletter that a grant has been obtained and work will start next year.

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  1. Your view is wonderful, your garden, the neighbours & that wonderful open green space. I hope that your day turns out to be one that you enjoy regardless of what you end up doing or not doing.