Saturday, 28 October 2017

Day 72: Feeding the Birds

I bought a couple more bird feeders yesterday. For now, they are hanging from the brackets for the hanging baskets whilst I decide where to put a proper stand/support for them. 

The birds seem happy with the current location though and started feeding from them almost straight away.

In between rain showers I've managed to tidy up part of the garden although there is still loads to do. I'm leaving the cosmos for a bit longer but have emptied the annuals from the pots so that I can put those pots away for the winter. I've planted some of the bulbs but have quite a few more to find space for - I'll get fed up in the end and just plant them anywhere!

I have friends visiting this afternoon so am looking forward to catching up with all their news as I haven't seen them for years. It seems that we've all reached an age where we're reminiscing and contacting old friends. Whatever the reason, it's going to be a fun afternoon.


  1. I've been cleaning out a few pots haphazardly this week as well. I put the birdseed out ... all gone in an hour or two. I can't keep up with the migrating birds, so I'll wait to till the snow comes and feed the tougher birds that stay all winter instead. Enjoy your visit with old friends!

  2. I must think about this for the winter - thanks for the reminder.
    J x