Monday, 30 October 2017

Day 74: Trying Something New

Well that was the plan anyway but as usual things didn't go according to plan! I had to get to L's home in Chippenham by 9 am and then she was driving us to Malmesbury to try Nordic walking. I arrived at her home on time but she was all behind so by the time we got to Malmesbury the walkers were nowhere to be seen. After driving all that way we didn't want to turn around and go straight home so we found a cafe and had a second breakfast ...

I think the Nordic walking would have been the healthier option but the bacon and egg bap was yummy and, in my opinion, a good alternative!

We're going to try again on November 8th so fingers crossed for a more successful outcome.


  1. Oh yum, I'm always in favour of a 2nd breakfast - it's the Hobbit in me. Nordic walking with the poles is very popular in this part of the world.

  2. Sounds like things turned out alright!