Friday, 20 October 2017

Day 64: After the Storm

The garden is looking a bit battered after last night's heavy rain and wind. The cosmos and the rest of the taller plants over in the far corner are the worst affected, no longer upright and some snapped stems. Sadly, I think it's the end of the cosmos for this year! 

Nearer the house escaped reasonably lightly with some overturned pots (just the very small ones) and luckily, these weren't touched at all ...

... a surprise gift from a friend, which I still need to plant. 

My first thought when the rain started was 'I hope Maggie's family have finished their harvesting' and my second was 'the other end of the village is going to be flooded again!' 

There's a beautiful blue sky out there now but I'm waiting in for a couple of sales reps to quote for replacement french doors and also advise whether the problems with the other windows (leaking) are to do with needing new seals or (as I think) will need to be replaced. It feels expensive!


  1. Hoping it isn't as expensive as you fear.
    J x

  2. That's kind of you to think of us. There are still a few potatoes left to be harvested but generally everything is done.

  3. Oh pansies are such a happy flower. Windows are such an expensive home item. Good luck that it is only seal replacing needed.