Monday, 23 October 2017

Day 67: Another Rainy Day!

So it's another day spent indoors. At this rate I'll run out of things to do ... I wish!

This morning has been completely wasted trying to get some sense out of HSBC and sort out access to the band's account. I now have to complete yet another form and send it in but it needs the other signatories to sign alongside me so it can't be completed until they return from their holidays. Why are banks so frustrating to deal with?

raindrops on honeysuckle berries
I've had a couple of enquiries about whether there will be a Winter Photo Scavenger Hunt this year and the answer is yes! I wasn't going to bother but I think it'll be fun and will get me out and about. Any suggestions for inclusion on the list will be very much appreciated.


  1. Brilliant photo, Eileen. Great news re Scavenger Hunt.

  2. I shall definitely take part in the Scavenger Hunt this year, pleased to hear you are going to do it Eileen. If I can think of any categories that haven't been done before I'll let you know, but one of my favourites is "men at work".