Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Day 48: Mornings (continued)

In response to an email received yesterday, I don't feel the need to control my time to such a degree that I have a timetable for the entire day with each 30 minute slot allocated to a specific activity. I don't have any routine for the period in between breakfast and lunch from choice and don't plan to ever have one. I'm the sort of person who needs an element of routine in my life but feel that I have enough with my start to the day (see yesterdays post), the teaching commitments for three periods during the week, and the band practices on Saturday mornings.

Mornings are my pottering about time, usually around my home or garden, doing bits of housework, listing things for sale, lesson planning, preparation for band practice, paperwork and checking emails and blogs. Very little is written in stone and I'll quite happily abandon all of this to meet a friend for coffee and/or lunch, or maybe choose to spend time taking photos. The dreaded migraines are increasing in frequency, so mornings could be spent reading and resting until the medication kicks in and I start to feel better. Whatever I choose to do, it's a case of 'going with the flow' - I generally keep busy(ish) and things that need to be done are getting done so, as things stand at present, I'm happy with my approach. Oh, and of course there are plenty of coffee breaks! 

I try to take my daily photo for Project 365 during the morning even if I don't get round to writing the blog post until later. I was pleased to see so many bees around the cosmos this morning ...


  1. Fabulous photo of the bee on the cosmos.

  2. So sorry to hear about the migraines. I know only too well what a blight they can be and how much time they waste. That alone can be very depressing! Hope you get a handle on them soon. x