Thursday, 5 October 2017

Day 49: Recovering!

I had another very disturbed night with very little sleep and a lot of pain and vomiting ... yet another migraine! Unfortunately the migraine was well established before I woke for the first time so, although I took the medication, it was too late for it to be completely effective. 

I'm up and about now and just about to try my first hot drink - just boiled water, not coffee for now. I liked the shadows from the blinds, hence my choice of photo for today.


  1. Oh Eileen that is an awful way to be woken up & spend the night. I do hope that this has passed & you are able to salvaged the day. I like your photo of the light across your counter & backsplash.

  2. Very frustrating if you wake with a migraine. Hope you feel better tomorrow.