Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Day 55: Potato Vine

This is the large climber on the front of the house which will be moved to the back garden next year. It's just too fast growing for its current position and keeps covering the vent for the boiler. In the back garden I'll encourage it to grow horizontally along the side fences and it can grow to it's heart's content!

It was a busy and somewhat frustrating morning. At the committee meeting on Monday I agreed to resume the position of Treasurer and have had the frustration of dealing, or trying to deal with HSBC, who have consistently blocked every enquiry. I went into the local branch at their request only to be told that they couldn't deal with it in branch and I needed to phone in, but the telephone enquiry team wouldn't deal with me as they said I need to speak to the local branch! I will try again tomorrow when hopefully different, more co-operative staff, will be able to help me.

This afternoon I met with Lyn to see Victoria and Abdul at the local Odeon. If you haven't seen it yet I can definitely recommend it. We have plans to try Nordic Walking next, something that's been on my list for a long time. Lyn is going to arrange a taster session/course for us and we'll see how we get on!


  1. That's lovely. Don't think I have ever seen one before.
    As to Victoria and Abdul, I am booked to see it in a couple of weeks. Glad you said it was good - another friend did too, which pleases me as all the reviews I've read have been a bit sniffy!

  2. Pretty flower, it is nothing like our potato vine, which is an annual. Oh good to know about Victoria & Abdul, I want to see & I think Judi Dench will make any character alive & real.