Monday, 30 April 2018

Quiz Night, Shopping and Admin

The first quiz night in ages and we were useless! In our defence ... actually there is no defence, we were useless! It was a Sunday night return to the pub where the crafting group meets by J, L and myself, but minus A who was away for the weekend. She clearly took the brains away with her this weekend so we're holding her responsible for our lacklustre performance. It's the first time we've been to one of the quiz evenings in this pub but it was good fun so will definitely go back again and try again.

I need to do a bit of shopping today. I've been eating up the odds and ends in the freezer ready to refill it but I feel like a bit of a change so am going to wander round the supermarket and see what I fancy. I'll only buy enough to ring the changes for a few days and then it'll be back to freezer offerings until they're finished up - about another two weeks. 

Then it'll be back home to put the shopping away followed by some I-can't-put-it-off-any-longer admin. Most of it is for the band, is not really my responsibility but is in a mess and needs to be done, so I'm a bit miffed about giving up my free time to sort it out. I am also practicing saying 'no' ready for the next committee meeting because, if I'm not careful, I'll end up taking it on again and that is to be avoided at all costs. 

I also want to tackle my tax return. I usually leave it until Jan 31st, the final day for submission, but I'm due a refund so would rather it was in my account than theirs.


  1. I think a quiz night at the pub could be such fun. Mr Man & I play along in the morning with one of the radio, some days between the two of us get all 10 questions other times maybe 3-4. Our personal income tax day is today April 30th but we filed a few days back. I like your idea of eating out of the freezer - thanks for that suggestion. Hope you have a good week & I agree "NO" is a complete sentence.

  2. The quiz sounds great fun but the admin doesn't. Time to put your foot down, I suspect.
    J x

  3. Hope you find something nice for a bit of a change on the menu front! I sometimes look in the reduced section, thinking, "Go on then, tempt me!" when I want to buy something, usually a ready meal, that usually I would avoid. Also hope the fatigue and chilliness have passed. I too have been all of a shiver the last few days. It has suddenly got really cold again!

  4. Glad you enjoyed the quiz night. My daughter was invited by a colleague to participate in a quiz night and she really enjoyed it.