Day 2: An 'At Home' Sort of Day

I didn't manage to go for a walk yesterday (thunderstorms and visitors) but I did get some things listed to sell on Gumtree. I'm a victim of my own success as two of the items have sold already so I have to wait in today to complete the transactions. 

I was going to walk across town to meet a friend for coffee and cake so she's now coming here instead. I know I won't get anything done after she arrives so I've been pottering in the garden to try to get on top of the many weeds that have appeared in the last couple of weeks. It's all a bit 'wet' out there still but I've cleared most of the area I'd aimed to complete today. I want to put bark down to help with weed control but will have to buy some more, maybe tomorrow, to be able to finish the job.

Here's today's photo. It's just a bit too breezy to be photographing the plants so this is the best of the bunch ... the euonymus is displaying its autumn colours already.


  1. Lovely colours. I noticed the horse chestnut trees are turning. The beginning of the summer was just so promising!

  2. Oh I was just mentioning to Mr Man that Mother Nature is nudging us a reminder to the summer fading to Autumn ... the light is changing, the evening closes in sooner ... pretty photo of the Burning Bush colour change.


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