I'm disappointed ... this is a brand new sealed jigsaw puzzle and there is one piece missing. I've never had this problem with a new puzzle, but there's a leaflet in the box explaining how to report this sort of problem, so I am assuming that it has happened enough times for the company to publish that information with every puzzle they produce. So now I need to send five puzzle pieces to them and they will send me a new jigsaw puzzle ... hopefully one that's complete this time.

I managed to get some of the filing done yesterday  and I'll carry on with that this morning. Once that's done I want to start looking for ideas for some short summer breaks. I'd like to do another trip to London to see three or four shows, so that should be easy enough to arrange. The other trips ... I don't know for sure, but possibilities are a short break in Edinburgh, a visit to Chester or York, and a visit to the Brighton area to see my friend's daughters. Oh, and maybe a couple of coach day trips as well ... they're always good fun.


  1. A missing jigsaw piece is annoying especially in a brand new puzzle, it has happened to my husband and fairly recently too. There weren't any instructions for returning five pieces in his box though. Your plans for short summer breaks sound exciting. xx

  2. That is disappointing. So frustrating to to be able to completely finish it! It's good you can get a replacement though. xx

  3. How frustrating to be missing one piece. I enjoy looking for holidays I think it is part of the fun. We are currently looking for one in September, we are now down to the Greek islands, The Balearics, The Canary islands or Spain in that order. We know what we want, we just need to decide where. Helen S.

  4. How disappointing! I hope the replacement puzzle will be complete! Have fun planning your summer breaks. :)


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