Weekly Reflections


Reasons to be cheerful ...

  • texting, emailing and chatting with family and friends
  • enjoying a morning session with my Something Snappy photo group
  • adding more dates to my diary
  • completing two 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzles that I've had for ages
  • packing two more bags of donations for the charity shop
  • rediscovering three unused notebooks I'd forgotten about ... I love stationery!
  • learning that my favourite genealogy software that was discontinued, has been updated and is now on sale again
  • buying baby clothes for my new great niece and my friend's new grandson
  • making some decisions about my future
  • seeing the first signs of blossom on the trees
  • taking the first step towards getting the cataract in my right eye sorted ... pre-op assessment on March 25th
  • finding two unused book tokens 
  • discovering a new board games club in town

I am grateful ...
  • for central heating ... I don't like the cold!
  • for the opportunity to suspend my swimming lessons ... too many issues with my knees to continue at the moment
  • for the advice and offers of help from my neighbours


  1. All sounds very positive Eileen and good to know you will be having a cataract removal, our eyesight is so precious. I hope you can get some help for your painful knees xx

    1. Thanks, Eileen. I've arranged the cataract ops privately ... I can hardly see now and I'm told that it'll be another 2 years at least before it deteriorates enough to qualify for the NHS ops!

      I plan to chase up the hospital re. my knees next week. xx

  2. Another heartwarming and cheering review of the week. You always brighten my Sunday mornings - thank you so much. xx

    1. Thanks Joy, I'm glad you enjoy reading my weekly Reflections posts. xx

  3. So many reasons to be cheerful and grateful. Hope the cataracts surgery goes well and hope you can get your knees attended to. Hope you have a lovely week ahead.

    1. Thanks, Bless. I'm ĵust happy to get the cataracts process started ... that'll be one thing to tick off my list.

      Hope you have a lovely weekend too. xx


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