Sunday, 30 October 2011

Slim Down Sunday 13

Goal: To change my lifestyle and in doing so, lose weight and increase fitness.

Pounds lost: I don't know - I'm not weighing. I've now lost approx. 2 inches from my measurements since I started.

How it's gone this week: Much the same as last week - pot luck meals and resting.  The visit to the doctor was a waste of time and I now need to make another appointment to see my own doctor on his return from his holiday.

I have been looking into the 400 calorie meals and think that this is something that will work and will benefit me.

Plan for this week: My aim is to continue with plenty of fluids, calories in/out balance and start some exercise. I hope to start introducing the 4 x 400 calorie daily meal plans but won't be able to do this exclusively as the freezer contains meals that don't fit into this plan.

To see how others are getting on, or to join in yourself, visit Slim Down Sunday at this site.


  1. Eileen, I hope you're able to see your own doctor this week & start feeling much better!

  2. Hi Eileen, Hope your doc is home soon and can help you feel better! I know what you mean about eating what you have before starting a new diet plan. :-) Interested to see how the 400 cal meals goes! Get well soon!