Saturday, 29 October 2011

3 in 30 Challenge - October 2011, week 4

Well only one goal has been achieved. The other two will have to be revisited some time in the future when I'm feeling better.

Goal 1 - Personal [1]: I need to sort out a practical routine which ensures that I make best use of my time so that everything I need, or want to do, gets done.
Week 1 update: I have an idea how I want to organise my time and I'm putting it to the test for the rest of the month. I've drafted 2 routines: 1 for term time and 1 for school holidays. With half term starting on the 19 October I'll have the opportunity to see if both routines are workable.
Week 2 update: This has worked in part but as it hasn't been 'normal' working week because of illness it is too early to say that the proposed routine is working. Half-term starts next week so this goal will have to run on into November.
Week 3 update: I've no hope of really sorting out a routine with how I'm feeling so this goal will be revisited in November.
Week 4 update: This is a definite fail.  I haven't managed to sort out my routines so will have to try again at a later date.

Goal 2 - Personal [2]: I reviewed the current budget last month and now want to put in place short, medium and long term financial plans.
Week 1 update: I have sent various letters and am waiting for the replies before I get started on my short-term plan - to be completely debt free within [timescale dependant on the replies to my letters].
Week 2 update: I'm still waiting for replies to the letters. I have decided on the plans, it is just the timescales to sort out.
Week 3 update: Well this one is under way and my short-term plan is in place. Still waiting on a reply to one of my letters so I don't have a revised timescale - well I know when repayment of this final loan is scheduled for but I plan to pay it off a lot earlier. The medium and long term plans are decided and will be put into effect when the short term plan is complete. I now want to revisit the current budget to see where savings can be made. This is one of my proposed goals for November but I'm making a start on it now, in particular the amount of money spent on food.
Week 4 update: I'm counting this as my only success for this month.  The plans are determined and working on the short-term plan towards being completely debt free.

Goal 3 - Home: It's time for some more decluttering. We are still trying to sort out the extra stuff that we couldn't find room for when we combined our two houses into a joint property. I have a busy month so I'll be realistic and aim to sort out 5 boxes.
Week 1 update: I haven't started on this one yet as it is something I plan to do during half term.
Week 2 update: I'll start on this one next week. Half-term starts on the 19th.
Week 3 update: Hope to get going on this one next week but depends on the outcome of the doctor's appointment.
Week 4 update: Another complete fail.  I haven't done any work on this one at all.

Now to decide on my goals for November.

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