Sunday, 2 October 2011

Photo Scavenger Hunt - September 2011

Well here's my selection for September.  I've had to cheat on one of them - I forgot to do the football one so I've taken a quick snap this morning.

Once again, many thanks to Kathy over at Postcards from the PP for organising the hunt.

apples dropped in the ford at Lacock

 a pile of things
a pile of clean washing waiting to be put away
back to school
only just managed to capture this one ... she
was obviously late!

one of the footaball league tables on teletext

hay bales in a field at Bromham

my desk
very untidy! I'm in the middle of filing my
mum's papers and photos.

public telephone box
an older style red phone box in Semington

a pile of books - my favourite way of relaxing is to
curl up with a good book

road sign
the sign at the end of Sunny Terrace in Blacklands

something taller than me
the street light opposite my home

view from above
taken from the top of the multi-storey car park,
looking out over the top end of the park with the war
memorial and the band stand

what's in my bag?
this is the bag I use for teaching - music books, iPod
and speaker, reeds, recorder, screwdrivers,
mouthpieces, ligatures, coins, stickers, registers
 and clock


  1. What an interesting selection of pictures. Really like the first one of the apples in the ford. :)

  2. another lovely set of pics eileen, BTW do you live near wilton road? we rented there for 6 months in 2008, and in the photo of the street lamp the houses look similar.xx

  3. An interesting set of photos! Yours is the first other book pile I have seen for relaxations - every one else seems to have used animals and the sofa, which surprised me! I love reading too so a book pile was my photo for that!

  4. The apples entry is wonderful! Really enjoyed your selections; the pile of laundry to be put away could have been taken in my house! It just never seems to go away, and there are just the two of us here; laundry is the mill stone around my neck!

  5. Love the apples with the ripples round them.

  6. Some lovely pictures there - your apple one is the best I've seen :)

  7. Great photos, I loved the harvest one.