Sunday, 23 October 2011

My 100th Post

I can't believe it - 100 posts already. Doesn't time fly when you're having fun!

I've just seen this on Mad About Bags blog so I thought I'd do it as well.  I'm a 'list' sort of person so apologies to anyone who finds them boring.

A to Z of Me ...

Age: 55

Bed size: kingsize

Chore that I hate: all of them!

Dogs: None.  Ced used to have a border collie named Bonnie and we used to have an all sorts dog named Patch when we were children.  I'd love to have a dog when I retire.

Essential start to my day: black coffee

Favourite colour: red

Gold or silver: Silver and white gold

Instruments I play: all brass except trombone, flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, recorder and oboe.  I'm also learning to play the piano and can sort of play the guitar and cello.

Job title: peripatetic music tutor.  The previous answer makes more sense now, doesn't it!

Kids: none

Live: Trowbridge, Wiltshire, England

Mother's name: Lilian Grace

Nicknames: My family call me Ein - just Eileen shortened.  I spent a lot of my teenage years trying to correct them but in the end, gave up.  Sometimes you just have to admit defeat and go with the flow.

Overnight hospital stays: two planned overnights (once for 2 weeks and once for 2 days) and one life saving emergency operation resulting in a 5 night stay.

Pet Peeves: People who annotate library books.

Quote from a movie: I'm not a film fan so I don't really know any quotes.

Right or left handed: Predominately right handed but I also can do everything with my left hand.

Siblings: Two older brothers and a twin sister who is 15 minutes older than me.

Time I wake up: usually between 7:00 to 8:00 am.  I only set the alarm if I have to teach in the morning and so need to leave the house by a certain time, currently only Wednesdays when I get up at 6:30am and leave the house by 8:00am.

Underwear: Yes.  White.

Vegetables I hate: aubergines.  Yuk!

What makes me late: I have a thing about being on time so I'm rarely late for anything. I always allow plenty of time so even traffic delays are not a problem.

X-rays I've had: too many to remember - leg, knee, wrist, chest, kidneys, abdomen, jaw and elbow.

Yummy food I make: roast dinners, chilli.  

Zoo animal: tigers and elephants. 

If you fancy doing this yourself, please let me know so that I can get to know you better.


  1. Great to learn more about you Eileen
    and congrats on 100 posts.
    Well done to you.

    I don't like being late either,
    my daughter is the exact opposite and
    keeps everyone waiting!

    Have a good Sunday and looking forward to many more posts.

    x Fiona

  2. Wow, 100 posts well done.
    Love your list - your a woman after my own heart hating all chores. I hate them all but especially ironing - truly hate that.
    Life saving surgery - that sounds serious. Nice to learn more about you.