Sunday, 9 October 2011

Slim Down Sunday 10

Goal: To change my lifestyle and in doing so, lose weight and increase fitness.

Pounds lost: I don't know - I'm not weighing. I've now lost approx. 2 inches from my measurements since I started.

How it's gone this week: It hasn't been a good week.  After forgetting to take some medication on Monday I haven't felt well all week and I haven't bothered to take any notice of what I've been eating so I've had some takeaways and lots of between meal snacks.  Not good, but despite this blip my measurements have remained the same!
Plan for this week: Be good and get back on track! Continue with the current plan: plenty of fluids, calories in/out balance and be more active.

To see how others are getting on, or to join in yourself, visit Slim Down Sunday at this site.


  1. We all have "good" weeks and bad weeks Eileen
    but you are doing well
    so stick with it.

    x Fiona

  2. Hi Eileen, I agree - the weeks come and go and some aren't going to be "good". When life throws a curve, it's hard to worry about food. Hope you are feeling much better this week!!!