Sunday, 2 October 2011

Slim Down Sunday 9

Goal: To change my lifestyle and in doing so, lose weight and increase fitness.

Pounds lost: I don't know - I'm not weighing. I've now lost approx. 2 inches from my measurements since I started.

How it's gone this week: I've been a bit careless this week and haven't kept a good enough watch on what I've been eating.  It's surprising how quickly the calories mount up!! It's been a case of too many poor choices rather than overeating or snacking.  Fluid intake was much better this week but still no exercise although I have done a lot more driving this week.

Plan for this week: Continue with the current plan: plenty of fluids, calories in/out balance and be more active.

To see how others are getting on, or to join in yourself, visit Slim Down Sunday at this site.

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