Sunday, 12 August 2012

22/52: Visit St Thomas' Church at Coulston

... or to give it the full name ... the Church of St Thomas a Becket.  I've intended to visit this church for ages.  It's only about 9 miles away and as usual it's a case of never finding the time to visit places so close to home.  I'm interested in the church for two reasons, both from a local history point of view. 

Firstly, it is the burial place of Francis Saville Kent who, in 1860, was the 3 year old victim of a murder at Rode Hill House (which is about 4 miles from Trowbridge in the other direction). Unfortunately, that photo isn't usable so I may have to go back to take another one - that'll teach me to check properly in the future. 

Secondly, and linked to my interest in obsolete local industries, at the rear of the church there is a watercress pond. According to everything I've read this pond is no longer in use but it was definitely planted and being maintained, so maybe it is used to supply locals.  Unfortunately there was no one around to ask.

I'm really glad I made the effort to visit this church.  It was so peaceful there and is just on the edge of a deer reserve so a return visit may provide opportunites for some photos of the stags - there is a sign on the church gate warning you not to approach the stags if you see them so I may be lucky!


  1. There was a book written about that boys death wasn't there. I love old church yards, they can be so interesting to walk around.

    1. It was called 'The Suspicions of Mr Whicher' and there was also a TV programme with the same title. I read about the story years ago in a book titled 'Murder Most Foul: The Road Hill House Mystery of 1860'.

  2. Eine schöne ansehliche kleine Kirche. Ich mag die kleinen viel lieber als die großen Dome...

    Lieben Gruß

  3. What a nice post! Interesting story and great pictures! Thanks for sharing Eileen! ;)

  4. It's nice to go somewhere local isn't it. Looks like a wonderful place to visit. :)

  5. That church is so beautiful!! I could stare at it for hours... well, minutes, anyway! Please do go back and look for the stags!!