Monday, 13 August 2012

Go Bustard!

Last Thursday I spent the afternoon with my niece Laura and her two children.  Our mission?  To complete the Go Bustard trail in Warminster!

I had the feeling we'd be successful when I saw the children's T-shirts:

Team GB, otherwise known as Tinkerbell and Tweenie

There are 12 bustards to find but we were only expecting to see 10 of them at best as Fergus is resident in Andover and Bob is at Woodborough School, both places too far away to visit on that afternoon in the time available.  I teach at Woodborough School so will take a photograph of Bob when school starts in September.

We managed to find 7 out of the 10 as two weren't on display and one was in the back garden of the Organ Inn but it was closed so we just photographed the posters of the bustards which were displayed instead.

Bustar at Sutton Veny Primary School

Buckingham at St John's Primary School

Cordath outside Cordens

Jigsaw in the Three Horseshoes Mall

Percy in Warminster Library

Bertie Bloomer in Warminster Civic Centre

Buttons in Think Outside the Box

We've now hunted for bustards, lions (in Bath), gorillas (in Bristol) and pigs (in Bath).  Years ago with Ced, I also hunted for cows in London.

I wonder what it will be next?


  1. What super cute kids! I love the place you went to. Sounds like the perfect place for kids that age.

    see ya!

  2. Das hat bestimmt viel Freude gemacht...

    Lieben Gruß

  3. sounds like fun......we've only ever hunted scarecrows x

  4. Never heard of this before but it sounds like a fun thing to do :)

  5. When I went through the postcode list I thought there was one situated somewhere between Station Road and Boreham Road, would that be one of the schools maybe? Well done for finding 7, I only managed 4, and I live here!

    1. Hi Joy, there are 4 in schools - Bob in Woodborough Primary School, Emwell in the Minster Primary School, Buckingham in St Johns C of E Primary School (Boreham Road) and Bustar in Sutton Veny Primary School.

  6. Those artfully made chicken are very cute. I love them...we have moose in a city near by...that are funny funny fun, too. PS...I nominated you to for Liebster Award.