Saturday, 18 August 2012

26 Week Photo Challenge - Faces

I thought I'd shock you all and post a day early!

Photo No 1.  This is my favourite one.  It's a quick snap grabbed when he spotted the camera and was running towards me, hence the messy background (which I haven't had time to sort out, but will get round to it one day!)

Photo No 2.  I spotted these two at a local farmer's market when I was working on a series of photos for the course I'm doing.  This image is cropped out of a much bigger scene.  I like that they are both engrossed in whatever they are looking at.

Photo No 3. I couldn't resist it! I like the texture in this one.  This was the only possible angle to take the shot as it is obviously a favourite perching place for the local birds and this was the only clean view.

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  1. Nice! I like the first picture too! So cute! :)

  2. Great selection Eileen, love the first one as well, what a cheeky happy little chap. Nice exposure on them as well. Well done on the second one as I know this is out of your comfort zone. Curious what the couple in the second one re looking at? Thanks for taking part.

  3. Great post and captures. I love photographs of people in that style, like that. They are the best!

  4. Beautiful shots.
    Love the first one.
    Have a great day.