Friday, 31 January 2014

31/365: Narcissi

These have grown from a planter set my sister gave me for Christmas and, once they've gone over, will be planted outside for next year.

I may have to change the focus of my Project 365.  I'd planned that my theme for the entire year would be 'in the garden' but I am starting back to full time working next week so it is dark when I leave home and light fading rapidly by the time I get home.  The opportunities for outdoor daily photos are obviously limited during term time so I may have to move the photos inside - I'm busy puzzling my little brain trying to work out how I can still keep the focus of the photos on the garden theme.  I may just have to buy lots of indoor plants!!  From next week I have 40 new pupils (!!) so will be able to afford it!

1 comment:

  1. You could try taking several photos at the weekend, they would still be current when you actually posted them. I always have three or four photos lined up in advance just in case I cant take any on a particular day. Hope you enjoy full-time working.
    Joy x x