Sunday, 5 January 2014

5/365: The Front Garden

... if you can call it a garden!  It's very small and I don't currently have easy access to get behind the overgrown shrubs to get to my outside tap, which strangely is on the front of the house!  If you can imagine a boundary by extending the wall on the right of the photo (my neighbour's house) you can see the part that belongs to me. However, because of the way the shrubs have been planted and because they have not been pruned regularly the boundary is not clear and I have to access my garden by walking in through the neighbour's front path and past their windows.  This seems to be how access has evolved between the two houses but I don't like it much, so the plan is to improve the access when this patch of garden is sorted.
Part of my Christmas gift from Ena and Rich (sister and BIL) is to provide the labour and expertise to improve this patch so planning sessions will start soon!


  1. What a lovely present. Will be good to see it progress.

  2. Just what I was going to say Yvonne - a lovely present and a very useful one. Xx

  3. What a great idea, I guess your predecessors just planted and ignored that patch.
    Joy xx

  4. My that are a bit on the wild side aren't they, how lovely to have expertise and labour to bring it all under control xx

  5. As the others have said.......
    Julie xxxxxxx