Sunday, 5 January 2014

Lucky 7s: Week 1: Resolutions

By the skin of my teeth, here are my photos for the week 1 - resolutions.

a glass of water representing my wish to change my lifestyle
- eat healthily, exercise, lose weight and most importantly,
drink more water every day

this represents my biggest aim for 2014 - to get out of
the house more.  Live life while I can!

saving the pennies so that I can stay debt free but still
have and do everything I want to

decluttering - I hope to have this bedroom empty by the
summer holidays so that I can have the little people to
stay for sleepovers

expand my horizons and get out of the rut I'm in, not just
in terms of reading but also musically (that's piano music on
the bottom shelf) and get back to crafting regularly
Sorry I haven't been commenting on many posts but I've been ill so I will try to catch up over the next few days.

Linking with Lucky 7s in 2014.


  1. Hi Eileen and welcome..This is just what I had in mind.. If people can't make a daily pic then one piece for the week..takes the pressure off. Good luck with the resolutions. .xx

  2. Hello Eileen and welcome to our merry band and well done with those honest resolutions. Hope over the year we get to know you and vice versa :)

    ((Hugs)) and hope you feel better soon and get out of that door more...something I am not good at these days, I seem to have become a bit of a couch potato :(

  3. Sorry you haven't been well. I think my goals are much about the same
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  4. Welcome Eileen!
    Excellent start!
    Good luck!

  5. Welcome Eileen, It will be lovely getting to know you.