Sunday, 12 January 2014

12/365: Water Butt

Not a particularly interesting photograph but it show the water butt which is currently located next to the shed behind the garage, and is something I intend to keep.  There is also another piece of trellis which is still in good condition and I hope to find a place and use for that as well.
Nothing seems to grow on the square patch of earth in the bottom left of the photo.  This area has been exposed to the elements since August and nothing has grown at all, not even weeds! 


  1. You'll probably find if you dig down that its over the concrete foundations to the garage, so not much depth of soil. If there is soil then maybe some ferns would grow there, they like shade.
    Joy xx

  2. Or maybe a planter planted up could sit there and hide it? xx

  3. i've been catching up on your posts Eileen, I've loved reading about you and your home. Happy New Year to you x