Saturday, 4 January 2014

December's Scavenger Hunt

Late again!  Here's my selection of images for the December Scavenger Hunt organised by Greenthumb.  Many thanks for organising this each month.

25 - one of my home made Christmas cards

cake - well, the ingredients for one anyway!

candles - it's power cut season, so lots of candles in stock!

celebration - party time!

Christmas - some decorations waiting to be put away for another year

movement - one very speedy boy!  I didn't have flash
with me and he was too quick for the available light.

recipe - my new cook book 'Curries - dishes from across the globe'

religious icon - an angel tree decoration, a gift from
one of my pupils

shiny - red baubles on the Christmas tree

silver - a glittering silver star 

window display - this is one from last year, taken at my sister's home. The middle
window pane was decorated by 2 year Little Miss H, seen sitting on her dad's lap.

words - some of my Christmas cards full of words of love and support and wishes for
a happier year


  1. What a lovely selection of photos. xx

  2. This is a lovely collection of photos :)

  3. Happy new year to you Eileen. Great photos but the one which really stands out for me is Celebration - love the colours and the composition. x

  4. Hi Eileen! Late is better than never, and I thoroughly enjoyed your photographs! We all do the best we can at this busy time of year ~ TG it's finally slowing down a little. I hope you and yours, and darling Little Miss H have a happy and healthy 2014!

  5. The celebration one is SO effective!! I love the sentiment behind the words one. So true! And as for late, speaking as the person on the list AFTER you, I know not WHAT you talk of!!! ;)

  6. I love your interpretations of all of the photos- and the close up compositions are great:)

  7. Love your handmade card! Happy new year to you!