Wednesday, 15 January 2014

15/365: Growing Over the Fence [2]

Here's a close up of the plant that is growing over the fence from my neighbour's garden.  It was frosty again this morning but you can see the true colour of one of the berries near the top of the photo.  The flowers, when they appear, will be white.


  1. Its not a honeysuckle then, but its not ivy either, I'm sure we can identify it though, hang on in there, and I'll go have a look-see,
    Joy xx

  2. Love the colour of the berries, but will check back to see if Joy can identify it!! :)

  3. Belíssima cor dos mirtilhos (eu penso)! Uma foto maravilhosa.
    Abraço, Ailime

  4. I want to say blueberry, but not this time of year! Some form of Jasmine? x