Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Weigh In Wednesday [3]

This is a scheduled post as I have to leave home way too early on a Wednesday to be able to blog about my weight before I leave for work.  I'm now weighing myself on Tuesday evenings and scheduling the post to appear the following day.
It has been a good week although admittedly I think a big chunk of the pounds lost are as a direct result of a few days illness so it will probably even itself out when I weigh next week.  Anyway, enough chatter ... I've lost 4 pounds this week.  That is a total of 7 pounds since starting on December 18th (3 weeks) giving an average of just over 2 pounds per week.
It has been a week of light meals and virtually no exercise so I'm pleased to have recorded a loss.  The biggest learning curve has been keeping a food diary and initially recording the calorie intake every day.  I'm eating the same sort of foods as before but slightly smaller portions and recording the calories has helped me to see where I still need to make changes.  I'll restart the exercise when I'm back to full health.
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  1. Congratulations on your weight loss Eileen x

  2. keep up the good word! hope you're feeling better!