Sunday, 19 January 2014

Lucky 7s in 2014: Inside

This week the theme is INSIDE and the daily prompts are:
  • Monday - inside your house
  • Tuesday - inside a box or bag
  • Wednesday - inside a machine
  • Thursday - inside a cupboard
  • Friday - inside a building
  • Saturday - inside a vehicle
  • Sunday - a surprise inside

So here's my selection:

inside my house there is another house!  This is my doll's house,
waiting patiently to be completed.  I still haven't made up my mind
about keeping this - it's not the same without Ced and without the things
he'd planned to make for it.

inside a bag there is a selection of wool waiting for me to learn how to crochet properly.  Somewhere,
there is also a crochet hook and the work in progress.  It's going to be a ripple blanket.

inside a machine - this dishwasher was in the house
when I moved in but I have never used it.  It is going to be
replaced by an integrated washer/dryer.

inside a cupboard - this is the cupboard under the
stairs where I keep the Christmas decorations (at the back)
and my instruments and bags of music for the school bands.
The hoover, mop and bucket just about fit in the front and
above there is plenty of hanging space for coats and bags.

inside a building - this is one of the rooms in Stourhead House, taken in 2012.

inside a vehicle - my car, a Ford Fusion 2

a surprise inside - this is my cornet having its monthly bath in the kitchen sink when all of the insides 
and important little places are scrubbed clean!

Hope you all enjoy these.  I'll be round to check everyones blog this evening.
Linking with Lucky 7s in 2014.  Thanks to KathyJo for organising this.


  1. Eileen what a great selection of inside(s) from you. A great insight about you too!! I look forward to further blogging from you to learn more :) as you will with me! The rest of us have been blogging together for at least 2 years so we do now much more about each other and our family too!!

  2. Bravo!
    Exsellent selection!
    Good luck!

  3. love the pictures. good look with the crochet, I cant get the hang of it, but i have found youtube invaluable for knitting help :)

  4. Yes Lynn is right..lovely to learn more about you and sometimes a single busy post gives us a better view than a few words each day.. I think it is working well.. good surprise inside. .x

  5. Great photos. I especially like your last one, the surprise.