Sunday, 12 January 2014

Sealed Pot [4]

It was my first week back at work (except for one school) and it has virtually been a no-spend week:

The Sealed Pot 
  • Saving small change in a piggy bank: Last week it weighed 915gms.  Today it weighs 951gms.
  • Save the Change: 68 pence
  • Saving money left over from weekly pocket money: I've finished saving for the books and have 1 pence left over!
  • Saving money left over from weekly food and petrol budgets: I budgeted for refilling the car this week but because I haven't used the car (due to illness) I didn't need to.  I was given a lift to my Tuesday school, didn't attend my Wednesday afternoon school and haven't used the car in the evenings.  All of this means that I have saved the entire petrol budget for this week = £35.
  • Gifts/unexpected savings: Nil

Saving Account

I have decided not to review this aspect of my savings on a weekly basis. I will still be saving as planned and will update when there is something to report!
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  1. Sorry to hear you've been poorly. But look at your savings!

    Sft x