Tuesday, 21 January 2014

The Sealed Pot [5]

Back to the normal routine with work so it will be interesting to watch how the budgets work over the next few weeks.

The Sealed Pot 
  • Saving small change in a piggy bank: Last week it weighed 951gms.  Today it weighs 1044gms.
  • Save the Change: £2.88
  • Saving money left over from weekly pocket money: £5.30
  • Saving money left over from weekly food and petrol budgets: I haven't worked out the full savings on the food budget yet but this week I saved £2.32 by using a Sainsbury's 'money of your next shop because shopping would have been cheaper elsewhere' voucher.  I usually forget to use these vouchers so I'm chuffed that I remembered this time!  Total petrol budget spent!
  • Gifts/unexpected savings: Nil

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  1. That's fantastic Eileen, you've had a really good week. Well done for using that voucher too!

    Sft x