Tuesday, 13 January 2015

13/365: Stash!

I'm starting to enjoy this decluttering lark!  Today I found some wool and fabric that I'd completely forgotten about and which is now safely stored in the hessian bag I found yesterday (until I find a better place for it). I have plans for using this!
I also opened up a couple of boxes, which were filled with rubber stamps for making greetings cards that I'd forgotten about - these are now all stored away in the merchant chest in the second bedroom.  I'm not entirely sure that I will continue with the card making in the future but I don't feel ready to make that decision yet - maybe I'll feel differently about it once I have the time and space to do it properly - so for the time being I'm keeping most of my supplies.  Regardless of whether I'll continue with that particular hobby, today it was like rediscovering long lost friends - I'd forgotten about most of my stash!


  1. I swore I would never make another card and then received one that set my mind to creating. I have now made 50 cards ready for Christmas and a few birthday cards for family. Perhaps I was hasty. Stash is always good as long as it gets used. I tend to pass stuff on to my eldest granddaughter who also scrapbooks but doesn't have much money

  2. I tend to limit myself to a couple of stash buying sessions a year and then the challenge is to see how long I can go and what I can use up. Sadly I don't always succeed as always open to temptation :-)

  3. How exciting finding stuff you had forgotten about. Xx