Sunday, 11 January 2015

11/365: Making Progress

Today, I've concentrated on making space in the second bedroom.  Nine days ago it looked like this ...

and, after a bit of effort it now looks like this ...

The bookcase (on the left of the earlier photo) has been moved downstairs to the music room and the chair is currently in the living room.  I've cleared the table, making space for a laptop and the scanner, so that I have an area where I can sort out our massive collection of photographs. 


  1. That is a good day's work I would say and a great transformation. Very inspiring Eileen. xx

  2. Looking good. It's amazing how much better you feel when it's donex

  3. I love your war on clutter. I find it is an ongoing endeavor. You finally clean out one area, and things slowly creep back. Like you, I need to tackle my lap top. My feedly account (which has all the blogs I've earmarked) is a mess. I'm organizing everything into themes (which is how I rediscovered yours :) Feedly works quite well for this, but only when you take advantage of all its features. A work in progress as I uncover hidden treasures in my computer AND home. Have fun tackling the clutter. I know how good it feels :)