Monday, 19 January 2015

19/365: The Lindisfarne Sailor

Back in 1998 when I was working in the MoD, I was sat at my desk feeling a bit sorry for myself because Ced was working away from home.  He was coming home at weekends, but what was supposed to have been a quick two day job had turned into weeks as they found more for him to do, and we couldn't see an end to it.  My office phone rang, so I answered it ... it was Ced:
Ced - "Can you get next week off"
Me - "Why?"
Ced - "We're going on holiday to Lindisfarne"
A quick chat with my boss, and yes, I could have the week off so the following Monday sees us driving up north. Ced then revealed the reason for the last minute holiday - he was as fed up as me, so had told the company he was working for that he was going on holiday next week and so wasn't able to continue working for them.
Company boss - "Oh, where are you going?"
Ced (off the top of his head!) - "We're off to Lindisfarne"
Company boss - "Really! That's lucky ... we've been asked to send someone up to look at some machinery ... you can do it for us! We'll pay for the holiday if you do"

As Ced said, how could he refuse!  The work only took an afternoon and was in the mead factory on the island, where we were also given a guided tour and the opportunity to sample the mead.  The rest of the week was fantastic, one of our best holidays ever.  Ced bought this sailor in one of the craft shops on the island, a memento of a wonderful week.

The Lindisfarne sailor is staying!


  1. What a lovely story behind the sailor, no way could you get rid of him. x

  2. That's a great story. I have just booked to go up to that part of the world for my birthday in September and lindisfarne is on the top if my list to visit x

  3. What a lovely story and what a handsome sailor. I loved Lindisfarne, so glad the sailor is staying