Wednesday, 14 January 2015

14/365: No More Project Life!

I've followed quite a few of the memory keeping blogs and was keen to have a go myself so I ordered the kit, with the intention of documenting 2008.  The kit had to come from the USA and didn't arrive until April, by which time Ced was in hospital and life as we knew it changed.
I had already taken loads of photos in the first four month of that year, but you only had to look at them in order and the deterioration in Ced's health jumped out at you.  Knowing the prognosis, I decided that I didn't want to document what we thought would be the last year of his life, so the Project Life kit was put to one side.
I've now decided to sell it all, partly because of the association with this time in my life, but also because I've decided that if I want to try memory keeping in the future, then I'll do it digitally and have it printed at the end of the year.


  1. Very understandable Eileen. I keep meaning to try project life but haven't started yet, too much other stuff on the go lol. X

  2. Well done on making what must have been a difficult decision.