Saturday, 3 January 2015

3/365: The Scale of the Problem [3]

This is a pile of all the stuff I have sorted so far, which I plan to sell at a car boot sale in the summer.  The sewing machine and the green quilting mat have to be moved up to the second bedroom once the table is cleared.
I'm waiting for the dismantled shed to be moved out of the garage (hopefully by the end of the month), and then once that's gone I just have to go through this lot and repack it so that the things that can be stored in the garage can be moved to free up some space in the house.  Hopefully, most of it can go in the garage and then I'll just repack the books into smaller boxes (so they are easier to lift!) and they can go in the cupboard under the stairs.


  1. If you intend getting rid of the books why not look for an Official Bookcrossing Zone near you. Have a look here
    If you want to register the books yourself first that would be great and you can then track them on their journey. But if you want to just hand them on then take a few to the OBCZ and simply leave them the manager of that zone will then register them and they will find new homes. I have been a bookcrosser since 2004 and I have released nearly 1000 books so far.

  2. Looks like you have a fair bit to car boot so then you can buy something nice for you craft room :-)

  3. it feels good to start out the year with a good sort out. I've been through the house too x Happy New Year x