Sunday, 4 January 2015

4/365: The Scale of the Problem [4]

The garage!  Not as big a problem as I thought now that I've had another look at what's in there.
The dismantled shed accounts for most of the stuff leaning against the wall on the right of the photo and that is due to be transferred to my nephew's home in about three weeks.  He's hiring a van to do this so at the same time the old washing machine (at the front of the photo) will be taken to the skip. The rest of the stuff will either go to an engineering equipment auction, be sold to a reclamation yard or be advertised on Gumtree and/or eBay. 

Clearing the garage will be left till it's warmer; I want a dry day to move everything out to photograph it properly and I'll need help with it - it's mostly too heavy for me.


  1. So looking forward to seeing the progress you make with this - and I know you will do it. xx