Monday, 12 January 2015

12/365: Starting on the Third Bedroom

Today I started on the third bedroom.  Everything you can see was in the hessian bag (back left of photo), from left to right:
  • keeping: hessian bag, epilator, CD case full of teaching CDs, new paintbrush, pencil, fluffy instrument cleaner, bag of mouthpiece wipes, earrings, trumpet mute and candlestick.
  • saving for Christmas shoebox appeal: Eeyores (there are actually two, but you can only see one of them in the photo for some reason)
  • selling: key collection (in blue box), tape measure and adapter
  • binning: cardboard, paper  and part of an old camera case (in plastic bag)
Not that much to show for today's 15 minutes of effort but it's one less bag to sort and everything in the photo is now in its proper place. 


  1. Sounds like we both had a productive day xx

  2. My dad use to have a tape measure like that. It use to fascinate me winding it in and pulling it back out!! Little things eh ?? Xx

  3. Every little helps Eileen. Keep up the good work you are doing so much better than me!