Friday, 2 January 2015

2/365: The Scale of the Problem [2]

This is the second bedroom, which is the room I intend to use for crafting.  Eventually!
Actually, this room is not quite as bad as it looks.  I've already sorted all of the books and the things along the back wall, and I'm in the process of researching and writing the eBay or Amazon entries so that I can sell all of it.  The stuff on top of the table is work in progress and is either things to move into the music room, photos to be scanned, papers for the printer and oddments to be sold at the next car boot sale.


  1. Looks good! A nice size window to put the desk under so you have good natural light when photographing the pages

  2. I added your blog to my reading list, as I have to declutter my apartment, too. Maybe I'll get motivated to do it ini 2015. :)

  3. Go, dear Eileen, go, go!
    We are very curious! - Smile!

  4. Olá Eileen,
    Com calma, paciência tudo vai ficar nos seus lugares e decerto muito bem decorado!
    Desejo-lhe um feliz Ano Novo!