Saturday, 10 January 2015

10/365: Clearing Unwanted Bookmarks

I'm too tired to attempt much in the way of decluttering today but I have set myself the target of doing at least 15 minutes every day, regardless of how I feel, so today I tackled the laptop.  I have a habit of saving bookmarks, with every intention of using the information at some time in the future, but of course I never do! It gets to the stage where I can't easily find the bookmarks that I do need, so today I've used my 15 minutes to purge all the unwanted bookmarks.


  1. Good job well done, I need to follow your example there.
    Joy x x

  2. I have an annual clear out of everything on my computer using a hard drive for all my photos and always feel good when it's done.
    The 15mins a day is a great idea x x

  3. I do just the same but have a regular clear out to be honest. Well done and I also like the idea of 15mins a day. You are so organised. xx

  4. Olá Eileen, há dias limpei, limpei e apaguei documentos que não queria;))!
    Tenha um bom domingo.
    Hugs Ailime

  5. I think I need to adopt your approach Eileen. 15 mins a day is nearly 2 hrs over a week - a lot can be achieved in that time. I have SO much decluttering, organising and sorting I want to do. You are setting a great example, good luck with it.