Sunday, 18 January 2015

My Day in Photos - Saturday 17th January

I'm joining in with Jane's Photo an Hour, which this month was set for Saturday 17th January 2015.  

Saturday is, thankfully, a later start for me.  I usually get up just before 8 o'clock and, after bathroom business, head downstairs for the first coffee of the day.  Here, I'm in the kitchen waiting for the toaster to pop up some crispy toast to have with my coffee.

9 o'clock, and it's time to leave for the band, collecting two of the teenagers on the way, as they help me teach the beginners.  This is my tenor horn and bag of band music waiting in the hallway.  I always get things ready the night before.

10 o'clock and we're working through some new music. We haven't used this book before, although it's been in the cupboard for years; there are some fun pieces to play and the children seem to be enjoying them - not too difficult but introducing more complicated rhythms that are just enough of a challenge to keep it interesting!

11 o'clock and we've moved onto some different pieces.  I ordered a set of simple arrangements of film music and they've been a big hit with the kids - Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

12 o'clock (well, about 10 past) and we've packed away, the children have been collected and I've locked the school.  As usual, I'm the last one in the car park.

1 o'clock and I'm just finishing the washing up which I didn't bother to do last night!  I've had lunch (ham sandwiches and a banana) and I'm tidying up the kitchen before I settle down for a relaxing afternoon at home.

2 o'clock and I'm pottering around the garden.  I wanted to see what damage, if any, there was as a result of the recent storms.  Luckily, there was very little. One of the clematis was ripped away from the trellis and is looking very sorry for itself, but I've tidied it up and am keeping my fingers crossed for a recovery.

3 o'clock and I've just finished reorganising one of the units in the living room.  I'm updating my blog with my daily photograph.

4 o'clock and I'm just finishing up some lesson planning for next week.  

5 o'clock and I'm enjoying a bit of a play around on the piano.  I hate playing scales on any of the other instruments but, for some strange reason, I find that playing scales on the piano is a good way of relaxing.

6 o'clock and I settle down with a mug of coffee and my book.  I have about 170 pages left to read and I need to finish it by Tuesday in time for the book group meeting.

7 o'clock and I've treated myself to a takeaway - chicken balti, onion bhajis and pilau rice.  They took ages to deliver so this is my I'm-starving-so-just-chuck-it-on-the-plate-and-eat-it-as-soon-as-possible style of presentation.  Yes, I know I'm (supposed to be) on a diet ... I saved the other half of the takeaway to have today (Sunday).

8 o'clock and my final photo of the day.  The rest of the evening was spent cuddled up on the sofa, reading.  By the time I went to bed, I'd finished this book and started on the next one (for the other book group), We Are All Completely Besides Ourselves by Karen Joy Fowler.

Just a typical Saturday really, but I enjoyed recording it in this way.  I think Jane sets the date for next month when she posts her own photos.  Why not pop over to her blog to see how all the others spent their day?


  1. well done on remembering every hour and a fascinating way to record a day - I always get my bag ready the night before too - well instilled habit from school days

  2. Wow a busy day so well done for getting all the photos.

  3. Beautiful photos for Photo an hour....especially the music ones. :)

  4. Thank you for the birthday wishes! I enjoyed seeing your day too, especially all the music stuff :)

  5. Great photos - I'm sorry that I left you out of my blog post, but you're in now! :)

    I read We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves at the end of last year. It was definitely interesting, but it left me wondering how much I enjoyed it for ages!

    I hope you're in for February - the 21st :)

    Jane x

    1. That's my feeling about the book as well. It was unexpected and quite interesting but ... I'm not sure that I really enjoyed the story.

  6. I love this as a way of recording a day. A Saturday afternoon spent pottering is one of my favourite things to do.

  7. Oooh I really enjoyed reading this little insight into your Saturday! There's a lot of music going on there. I'm looking forward to catching up with your February's photo an hour too!

    I see your working on a 365 project too! Me too! Although, I do find it a bit hard, especially in the weekdays when I spend most of my time at work, it's hard to get creative when I'm always in the same space.I thought about uploading them to my blog, maybe weekly or two weekly, but I'm too far in now to do that. Damn. Should think of these things in advance haha!

    ~ K

  8. Yay for taking part in photo an hour! See you next month! :-) xx