Thursday, 1 January 2015

New Year Resolutions

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It's January 1st, so time to think about my new year resolutions.  Mine are quite simple and, apart from a couple of them, I'm not sure if they count as new year resolutions in the traditional sense; they are more a list of things I want to achieve during the year. Some are lifestyle changes, there are lots of things to do and places to visit, and also  a selection of personal achievements.
The biggies are to replenish my rainy day fund as soon as possible, focus on my one little word and to continue with the weight loss with the aim of reaching my target weight some time next year. The rest of the things are listed on this blog on the Things ... 101 & 52 page.  I haven't finished writing the list yet but I have already started the ball rolling on a few of things by buying tickets for a few shows and organising my place on a photography workshop in May.  Apart from those things I don't really know which of the others on the list I will tackle this year, except that I hope to have completed at least 30% of the list by the end of December 2015.

Not really a resolution, but I've managed to update this blog every day since October 1st 2013. Quite often it has only been a daily photograph but I'd like to continue and try to publish a post every day throughout 2015.
Are you making any resolutions this year?


  1. Love your 101 & 52 lists. I see me creating something similar. X

  2. Wow how fab and like Karen I can see me doing a nice list of things to achive in the next couple of years x