Tuesday, 31 March 2015

90/365: Mouse Mat

Mouse mat | going to the skip.  This was Ced's, from years ago.  When we stopped using mouse mats it was just put away and forgotten about.  It's past its best and anyway, I don't use a mouse mat now so there is no need to keep it. I've put it in the bag to take to the skip.
Well, that's March over and done with and I've achieved my target of getting rid of (at least) one item a day.  Tomorrow sees the start of April and the A to Z Challenge when I'll be looking at the various items I'll definitely be keeping.


  1. Eileen, I have you a FB message about my own Dump your Junk 31 day challenge.
    I am now motivated to keep throwing things away - especially as himself is hell-bent on moving house later this year - for once I will be ahead of the game!

    1. Hi Carole, I've just replied on FB. It's got to be worth the effort if there is a new house at the end of it all!

  2. I know - except I am not so keen on moving really, I remember the last time!