Monday, 30 March 2015

Me on Monday

Me on Monday - it's been a lazy start of the school holidays sort of day so far. A doing very little and not feeling guilty about it sort of day. A reading (Gok Wan's autobiography), eating, drinking and not bothering to get dressed sort of day. 
This lazyitis (I don't know if that is a real word) is the result of the tiredness after a manic school term combined with the exertions of an extremely busy weekend.  On Friday I saw Alan Davies, the comedian, on stage in Swindon.  I've only really seen him in Jonathan Creek and on QI so didn't know what to expect from his stand-up routine, but am happy to report that I thoroughly enjoyed every single minute of his act and I laughed so much I couldn't get my breath.  He was hilarious and I recommend his act to anyone.
The only downside of going to Swindon is the long drive home - over an hour. It took ages to get out of the car park, at least thirty minutes waiting, so it was gone midnight by the time I got home and I was shattered - this was after a full day teaching that had started at 8:30am.  But ... it was already Saturday, there was no band practice and I could sleep in as late as I wanted.  Wrong!
At 7:30 on Saturday morning I was rudely brought out of a deep sleep by the door bell ringing.  I staggered downstairs to see what was happening - the first thought was an emergency of some sort - so I was relieved (sort of) to open the door and see my friends from Kent grinning at me.  This would be the friends I wasn't expecting until the afternoon, so after the initial shock/relief I managed to fix a smile/grimace on my face and welcomed them in.  Apparently they'd thought to surprise me and take me out to breakfast - well, they managed that alright! So I showered and dressed and off we went.  Breakfast led to shopping, which led to lunch, which led to a walk along the seafront at Weymouth (I don't know how we got there and annoyingly I didn't have my camera with me!), which led to an evening meal in a pub, which led to me (as the only sober one) driving home, which led to finding somewhere for them all to sleep.  I made it to bed at 2:30 on Sunday morning.
I have no idea where they got their energy from but we were up again at 8 o'clock on Sunday and off to look around a car boot sale, then out for lunch and I waved them off at about four in the afternoon.  Lovely to see them but also lovely to see them go on this particular occasion!
So, the rest of Sunday was spent calculating and submitting my invoices so that I can be paid, and then just curling up on the sofa and reading.  I was in bed by 9 o'clock and fast asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.
How was your weekend?
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  1. sounds a fun but exhausting visit - not sure I'd be smiling if guests arrived at 7.30 am!

  2. No, not sure I'd be smiling either. Surprises really don't have to come that early to be good.

    It's end of term-itis here too. Too wet to go out, so the room tidying and revision are under way already. I hope the rest of the week looks a bit brighter!

  3. Goodness, that was an early visit! Not such a pleasant surprise. I hope you enjoy your week off and get some time to relax.

  4. Oh WHAT an idea to turn up at that time - anyone who knows me will not attempt to make contact before 9.00 at the w/e! (Unless they are in a different time zone.) Glad you managed to get some pleasure from the visit anyway. And enjoy your hols! Well-deserved I think.

    1. To be fair to them, I'd normally be up earlier than that to get ready for band so they'd have to call in at that time if they wanted to eat with me before I had to leave to open up the school, etc. They didn't know it was the school holidays and so no band practice, which was part of the problem I think.

  5. Glad you managed to smile through the early start and hope you enjoy the rest of your break! x